Wednesday, 3 May 2017

And another....

Hey guys, here is another post all about blogs. I’ll keep this one quite light and easy just because I don’t want anyone nodding off halfway through! So I hope you enjoy this one!

Basically, all of the interviews and focus groups are done and out of the way so now I’ve been looking at secondary research and getting some hard hitting facts. I thought I’d maybe share some of the more interesting facts I found out. I bet if someone asked you how many blogs there are out there, you’d say maybe a million or 2 million- In fact there are around 42,000,000 blogs. I was shocked when I found that out, it goes to show that the competition between bloggers must be huge, I definitely have even more respect for those who have managed to make their blogs into massive successes. On top of this fact, there are around 320 million blog readers and to be honest this number has probably grown since I last checked because blogs are becoming more and more recognised in the marketing industry because of the shooting success rate a good few of them have. Companies are more willing to fork out for a professional blogger to advertise their products because of the readership and views they get, the company can analyse the bloggers target market, see if it fits with their campaign and work with the blogger to market themselves and if this is done right then it could build sales and then build profits.

A lot of the more popular bloggers are charismatic and witty and I’d say in most cases that these two characteristics are key ingredients to have when creating a blog because it has to make the person writing the blog sound likeable. The language that is used is a big factor just because people read things in different ways, like the younger generation uses more slang and the older generation tends to use bigger words and they can be known to use formal language. Guys read different things from girls etc. so everyone has different preferences when it comes to reading articles online and this is probably another reason why it can be tricky to break into this industry, there’s too much people out there to try and please. There’s going to be days where a blogger has the worst responses to their posts just because people don’t agree and there’s days where a blogger is gaining loads of the best responses they could ever get and it is just trying to maintain strength in every post that is put up, consistency is important. So overall the main ingredients to a successful blog is wit, charisma, consistency,  use of good language and hard facts to back up any points that have been made.

So hit me a comment if you have anything else to add or if you have any more blogs that would be a good read!

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  1. Do you think there's an element of luck involved too - just being in the right place or at the right time, or saying the right thing, that suddenly takes off? Or is it purely down to the things you say in your post?