Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hey everyone, it’s almost time to hand in my industrial investigation report and I can’t wait for it to be done! The fact that college is almost done too is a bonus! Anyway, I better close off this topic the right way. I’ve enjoyed looking into this as I’ve learned so much and I think I’d really like to start my own blog even just for something to pass the time. I’ve put in links of blogs I’ve read in a previous post so I hope you give them a read! I highly recommend reading blogs because they can brighten your day and give a personal feel instead of reading articles that can bore you to death!

So, I’ve basically told you what information I managed to gather so I think I’ll tell you how I actually got on with writing this report up because it was a bit of a challenge! For anyone who’s done an HND or something along those lines must know how draining it can be to write up a report but if you’re writing about something you are genuinely interested then it can be pretty easy and since I had an interest in the topic I chose then it was a lot simpler than I thought it would’ve been.

I’ll tie this altogether now, overall I found that people weren’t bothered about sponsorships or advertisements in blog posts as long as it doesn’t take up too much of the page. As long as the content is still strong and interesting, most people don’t care. So I am glad that I met all my objectives and found out what I needed to know to write up this report! There is probably a few things that I wish were a bit different and that would be to do a few more focus groups but it was hard enough to organise because people are usually busy. I also think I could’ve looked for more in the observations just so I could go into detail about that a bit more but it was funny watching people navigate between them and how they are online. 

I have one more post to put up before I’ve finished this task for digital marketing and I have enjoyed writing this blog even though at times I’ve struggled to think of things to say. I hope you can leave comments of any suggestions for me to post about once I create my own blog and I’ll be sure to listen to ideas! Thank you all for reading this, I can’t wait for all deadlines to be done and dusted, counting down now! I can definitely say that college has prepared me for uni and I can’t wait!

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