Wednesday, 19 April 2017

back from the easter hols, work and no chocolate eggs

Hey everyone, here’s another blog post and I know it’s been a good few weeks since I last posted but it was the Easter Holidays, filled with chocolate eggs and I was definitely in need of some relaxation! As much as I did slack off a bit, I did get a good chunk of research done so let’s jump straight back into the topic. I do wish I got a lot more done but laziness certainly took over.

So over the holidays I had an interview with one of my friends who actually has their own blog. She focuses mainly on beauty and fashion but dabbles in seasonal stuff like seasonal treats. She gets quite a lot of readers and she admitted that she does it as more of an enjoyment thing but if she had the opportunity to turn it into a career she would. She can see why so many bloggers take on a lot of sponsorships and advertisements because it does earn them a lot of money and gives them a jump on a blogging career. It is becoming a competitive industry as time goes by and people are struggling to make money out of it because of the well-established blogs that are already out there.  

On another note I did come across some funny blogs that I definitely want to recommend, is brilliant, it’s so random and even just the titles can make you chuckle. The same goes for the titles can be so out of the blue but can crack most people up, these are good for boring or crappy days. Both of these blogs feature advertisements or some sort of sponsorship and I personally didn’t take any notice of them. I still found the posts funny and still want people to read them. Blogs can still have a personal feel even with the pop up ads or the mentioning of a brand or product to advertise them, as long as it isn’t over flowing with crap that has nothing to do with the post then most people agree with me and think that they aren’t that big of a deal, even the surveys I put a post-up about a while ago proved that to an extent, I mean I can’t speak for the entire population but I don’t think I’m wrong. (Feel free to disagree and give me a counteracting argument in the comments) Finally, I recommend that you read this blog, she’s just starting out but already I love her posts, I know she has more to come and I know the some of you will be able to relate to them!

Anyway guys, this is just my return from the holidays post, nice and simple but its back to the hard hitting stuff now, its worse knowing that there's no more chocolate eggs for another year so bring on the hard work and research! I’ll keep you posted and please leave some comments once you’ve had a read to suggest any other blogs for me to analyse.

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  1. Does your interviewee ever get approached by companies who want her to promote their brands? I suspect lots of smaller blogs make a bit of money, but definitely not enough for the writers to give up their day jobs. And thanks for the recommendations, will check those out!