Thursday, 23 March 2017

number trois

Hey again, this is my third post and basically I’ve done some research which I know you will all think, “boring” but I promise I’ll try to keep it interesting. I have conducted some interviews and a focus group to get other people’s opinions instead of just mine which has helped a lot. In the focus group I asked similar questions to the ones I asked in the interview:

1)      What is everyone’s favourite type of blogs?

2)      What is everyone’s favourite blog?

3)      How often do you read blogs?

4)      What reasons make you enjoy reading blogs?

5)      Is there any blogs you know to avoid and why?

6)      What blogs are the most known?

7)      Do you think blogs are more focused on gaining the sponsorships or advertisements?

8)      If so, what makes this noticeable?

9)      What do you think makes a blog readable?

Question 1 got a few different answers, humorous blogs was a big one. Beauty blogs was a close second just because the beauty industry is huge now.

Question 3 got the same answer mainly, not often. I can understand that though because people don’t have that much spare time nowadays but they usually flock through blogs when they are bored.

The answers did vary which made it more interesting.  When it came to question 4, people struggled to think. What reasons do make people want to read blogs? Well I was told that curiosity is a big reason. Another reason is that blogs are more authentic than plain articles, the fact that people can relate and agree with certain feelings that other people feel. Some people weren’t even sure why they were reading them, they just felt drawn to them through boredom.

I’m not going to tell you what I got for number 5 as some of the responses were a bit mean..

Question 7 is important for my investigation because that is the overall question I need answered. Most of the people I asked weren’t too bothered about sponsorships or advertisements. They were so used to them on other websites that they aren’t actually noticed. A few of the people that were asked couldn’t stand advertisements while they were reading posts just because it distracted them and wanted to then go buy things from that advertisement which in a way has worked for that business but could be seen as a nuisance to someone just trying to relax and read a post so these people that felt this way thought that blogs are now starting to focus more on gaining a sponsorship or advertisement deal but the bloggers aren’t to blame especially if they are trying to make a career out of it but they were more enjoyable before this. I’ll go into more detail on this next week, this is just a brief explanation.

If anyone wants to answer the questions in this post, please comment your answers, it’d be a great help. Try give me some blogs to look at and I can give my feedback and opinion on them.

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